Blair Bangles
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Blair Bangles

SKU : CopperBangles
Brand : DIYMike

The Blair Bangles can be stacked or worn individually. They've been delicately hand textured, then fused under intense heat so there is no silver seam.

First they are formed and textured, each one delicately by hand.  Next they're individually joined under intense heat (again, no solder) to complete the ring.  After that, each one is carefully muscled into the bangle design.


Now they're rinsed in a simple household cleaning solution to remove the tarnish and darkened material. From there, each one is inspected again and hand polished to reveal the glistening beauty you see before you.

🜠 A uniquely universal piece, this copper bangle set is a perfect match for anyone looking for a little bling, something sweet and uniquely perfect.

You will adore this beautiful set of Bangles.  (5 bangles per order)

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