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Cracks in the Kingdom
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Cracks in the Kingdom

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Delivered to your door for under 35 bucks this DIYMike Hollow Book Secret Book Safe is the #1 way to keep your personal things secure. Whether your secret book box doubles as a gift box, groomsman gift, jewelry box, GeoCache, kids toy or any of the millions of other uses, it fits in perfectly on any book shelf because it's made from a real book! Also known as a diversion safe or safe book, each unique security book book safe is intended to keep your valuables safe and secure, and close at hand.

Burglars don't usually tear through your bookshelf if they break in. Nor does the baby sitter, nor do your kids when they are looking through your stuff, (or their friends who visit \ party while you are out of town)... Going to the pool? Don't leave your valuables in the toes of your shoes, bad guys know to look there! Leave them in a Hollow Book, bad guys don't want to read your books...

Take it with you when you travel! There's no better way to maintain a little privacy when staying with family, in the airport, etc...

Great for the pool, (much better than leaving your stuff in the toe of your shoe), or if you want to leave valuables in your car but not in the obvious places people look if they do get break in.

🎁 A DIYMike Hollow Book makes a unique gift box for all occasions. These secret books make the most interesting and certainly a most special way to give gifts like:

🎁 Graduations
🎁 Weddings \ Groomsman's gifts
🎁 Valentines "I love you" gifts
🎁 Gift certificates
🎁 Itunes gift cards
🎁 Special Notes
🎁 Secret Love notes
🎁 GeoCache events
🎁 Novelty Gift \ White Elephant Gift
🎁 Office Party gift
🎁 Going away present
🎁 Off to college gift
🎁 Kids "secret surprise" gifts and treasure hunts

And it still says with personality "Hey I thought about you". Especially for the kids, they love them!

👮 A hollow book helps keep precious items hidden away from co-workers, the maid \ hotel house keeping, babysitter, children, pesky siblings, nosy roommates & friends, etc... and keeps them secure from prying eyes. It's also a great place to keep those "odds and ends" that you want to keep and just don't know where.

But before you go...

👮 Sometimes the best hiding place is in plain sight. If someone walks by and sees this book in your car, it doesn't attract attention. It's not something that a thief is typically looking for, and doesn't look obvious or out of place either.

👮 Use it in your car to store your phone and wallet while you are at the water park, skiing, concerts, etc... Out for a night on the town in a dress with no pockets to carry your phone, id, other products, etc...? Not to worry! With this handy little diversion safe hiding your objects in the car (or elsewhere) you will rest much more comfortable.

👮 It's a great place hide the car keys while you are out of town from your roommate, kids, babysitter. Need to hide medicine, but have problems using a combination safe? This can also let you be discreet without hurting anyone's feelings.

💗 Getting ready to propose to that special someone and need a place to keep the ring or (other items) until you're ready? Now you know where that significant other will never find it, on accident OR on purpose!

📲 Need to conceal a phone in class for that emergency communication? Now you can.

🍎 Want to sneak a healthy snack into the baseball game? Or the movies? No problem.

💌 Want a place to keep those long lost love letters and secret mementos where no one will ever find them?

👑 Perfect as a Geo-cache chest, unique candy dish, gift, or use it in scavenger hunts for kids and adults.

👀 Just the right size for all sorts of things around the house you'd like to not leave out and \ or have someone walk off with.

👀 It's important to consider where you will use or place your book safe. It needs to look like it fits in, and should not be so interesting that people want to pick it up when they see it. If you don't see a specific one here that you like, please let me know what you are looking for, I can usually find just the right thing.

Blake Bracelet- DIYMike

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