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This is a classic Readers Digest set of 3 Hollow Books. Get them for 3 friends, or for yourself and 2 friends, or as gift boxes... For all sorts of reasons this set is perfect for holding your private things. They're mid-sized book, ideal for stashing your phone, love notes, a snack for the movies, the pool, etc...

SKU Readers_Digest_Set_of_3_Hollow_Books

An authentic Harry Potter Secret Hollow Book. At 7.5"x4.2"x1.87" this Harry Potter And the Goblet Of Fire provides a whopping 59 cubic inches of storage space. One of the first pages is cut out and left in the book for you to write a note on.  

SKU HarryPotterHB
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Riders on the Storm by John Densmore. Jim Morrison would be so proud for stashing your flask, dark poems, phone, love notes, a snack for the movies, the pool, etc… Inside it's 7.75" x 4.5" x .9", giving you over 31 cubic inches of hidden storage space.

SKU RidersOn_HB
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👀 Burglars don't usually tear through your bookshelf if they break in. Nor does the baby sitter, nor do your kids when they are looking through your stuff, (or their friends who visit \ party while you are out of town)... Going to the pool? Don't leave your valuables in the toes of your shoes, bad guys know to look there! Leave them in a Hollow Book, bad guys don't want to read your books...

SKU Hollow_Book

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