Heath Pendant

Heath Pendant

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Brand : DIYMike
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The Heath is a solid fashion accessory commonly worn as a Necklace Pendant, Keychain, or bracelet charm.

 You will be reminded of your important message frequently since the textured shine of the Heath is just subtle enough to display the stamped message, without distracting from its beauty.

The Heath is typically used as:

Necklace Charm Pendant
Bracelet Charm
Wine Glass Identifiers at parties and get togethers
Adults or older children

5 - 6 Characters max (Your Choice of Message). If you prefer something with more characters please start a conversation This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so we can do something custom, designed by us together, just for you.

How it's made....

The Heath is forged with brute strength from a raw piece of pure copper.

First, the raw material is smashed and pressed under intense pressure into a basic form. From there, it’s delicately nudged & twisted on the anvil until it takes it’s rough but final form. Then it is delicately sanded, filed, then buffed through a 5 step process to remove any final imperfections.

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