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The Blake is a stylish, custom designed multi-strand textured copper bracelet.

It’s manly.

It’s rugged.

It’s cool.

It's just what he's looking for.

First, the raw material is smashed and pressed under intense pressure into a basic form. From there, it’s delicately nudged & twisted on the anvil until it takes it’s rough but final form. Now the bracelet is delicately sanded, filed, then buffed through a 5 step process to remove any final imperfections.

Get yours here, You’re going to dig it.

To get the proper size, measure the wrist (inches). The easiest way is to use a piece of string, cut it so it fits loosely around the wrist, then measure it. Then just choose that wrist size from the menu at checkout and you're done.


Sizing is determined by your wrist size. After measuring your wrist (inches), simply choose your preference below.

Wrist Size - Bracelet Size

6" - 6.5" - Small

6.5" - 7" - Med

7" - 7.5" - Large

7.5" - 8" - XL

Blake Bracelet
Brand DIYMike


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