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Forged with brute strength from a raw piece of solid silver.

The beautiful shine of this hand formed bracelet is just subtle enough to display some fashion, and it's just what you're looking for.

First, the raw material is smashed and pressed under intense pressure into a basic form. From there, it’s delicately nudged & twisted on the anvil until it takes it’s rough but final form. Now the bracelet is delicately filed, polished, then buffed through a 5 step process to remove any final imperfections.

It’s uncompromising solid feel keeps it in place on your wrist no matter what you’re doing, and since it’s made of pure, solid silver, once you bang it up it easily polishes back to its original luster.

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You’re going to dig it.


Sizing is determined by your wrist size.  After measuring your wrist (inches), simply choose your preference below.  

Wrist Size - Bracelet Size

6" - 6.5" - Small

6.5" - 7" - Med

7" - 7.5" - Large

7.5" - 8" - XL

Simin Bracelet
Brand DIYMike

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